Basking and Gushing

I returned from BizarroCon 2011 last night and fell into bed, exhausted and on a high that only BizarroCon can provide. It’s so fucking refreshing. I am absolutely smitten with each and every person who attended and honored to be a part of such a diverse, interesting, creative and warm group of people.
I was basically heartbroken when it was time to come home. 

I slacked off on my Bizarro Central duties something fierce while I was away. I was busy falling in love with some of the most magnificent fucking people I have ever be lucky enough to meet. Fortunately, Sam Reeve (another editor at Bizarro Central) had the presence of mind to make a post. And a DAMN fine post it is. Check out her 10 Personal Highlights of BizarroCon to see what you missed. Like Michael A. Rose being my favorite person in the universe by agreeing to strip and give David Barbee a lapdance as the finale to my first public reading ever, Jeremy Robert Johnson getting a mess of duck heads dropped in his lap, Cody Goodfellow and Nick Gucker performing a rendition of my all time favorite childeren’s book The Giving Tree, entitled :”The Greedy Tree“, and SO much more.
Thursday evening 6 of the 8 New Bizarro Authors were taken away to be presented with our books. Where I tried not to weep like a wee child once it was in my hand. Harder still once I opened it and saw the surprise personalized intro from Kevin Shamel.

After much anticipation and attempting to stuff some accidentally released cats back into their respective bags- here it is, in all it’s glory! And it’s ready to come live a cozy little life on your bookshelf, night stand, or backpack.

Wherever you keep your books, Trashland A Go-Go wants to be there!

I am so excited to officially announce this! I know that we, the 2011 NBAS, got a little antsy and there has been some mild promotion before now. But, I wanted to wait until the launch/BizarroCon to make my official announcement.

As a member of the New Bizarro Author Series we have a sales quota to fulfill. Our reward? Being able to write MORE books! So, if you would like for me to be able to write more books for Eraserhead Press, then purchase you must!

“Alice in Wonderland, with garbage and a dead stripper!
Coco takes off her clothes for a living, until some nasty little bitch kills her while she’s dancing. Thrown in the dumpster by her sleazebag boss, Coco awakens in a land of trash. With her new friend, Rudy (a dying fly), and her knight in garbage armor, the undead dancer tries to find her way home. But first she must escape from the evil Queen of this trashscape: a jealous and insane Ruler of Refuse who has an intense fear of flies. With hints of The Matrix and The Whiz, this heady trip will satisfy your cravings for twisted fairy tales, rotting garbage, and charming weirdos.
Long live the Queen!”

I was also fortunate enough to get my first review on Amazon! By some one I don’t already know! How exciting is that?! So exciting that I took a screen shot! :

Trashland A Go-Go (as well as the rest of this years NBAS titles) is available now! In both Kindle and paperback editions! And eligible for the fantastic 4 books for the price of 3 deal! There is no reason to not pick up all eight!

But if you want to just buy 4 copies of my book, I won’t mind that either. It’ll make a great stocking stuffer.

GIGANTICCRUSHINGTHANKS to Kevin Shamel for working with me beginning to end on this book, and even before. Because without him it wouldn’t even have made it to the original 5,000 words that waited impatiently in my notebook after last year’s BizarroCon.
I will forever sing his praises and consider myself so much more fortunate than I can even attempt to fathom, for having an editor than genuinely cares not only about my work, but about me.

The entire experience has been surreal. I’m on cloud 12,995.

Six years ago my brother Kevin Parks handed me a copy of Carlton Mellick III ‘s Teeth and Tongue Landscape and I became a fan of Bizarro.
Thursday November 17th 2011 Kevin Shamel, Rose O’Keefe, and Kevin L. Donihe presented me with a copy of my first book as a Bizarro author. I never in a million years thought it would happen. But I am elated that it did and am honored to be a part of this wonderful community and to have the support of so many magnificent people and to support them and all they do in return.

xo Constance Ann

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