• Attack of the Photo Blog: BizarroCon 2012 Edition!

    Attack of the Photo Blog: BizarroCon 2012 Edition!

    BizarroCon is an annual event held just outside Portland Oregon. Bizarros travel from all over the place to do workshops, attend readings and performances, meet, drink Rose O’Keefe’s amazing beer, talk shop and connect. This year we not only had people  from all over the country, but from Spain, Australia and England. We’re going international, […]

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  • Six Days, Eighteen Days, ALL the Days.

    Six Days, Eighteen Days, ALL the Days.

    October 22nd  was the 1 year anniversary of the publication of my first novella, Trashland A Go-Go.  That’s pretty damn exciting. WHAT a year it’s been! It’s been full of excitement and, more recently, some sadness. But as my year long trial with the New Bizarro Author Series comes to a close, I can’t help […]

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  • Basking and Gushing

    I returned from BizarroCon 2011 last night and fell into bed, exhausted and on a high that only BizarroCon can provide. It’s so fucking refreshing. I am absolutely smitten with each and every person who attended and honored to be a part of such a diverse, interesting, creative and warm group of people. I was […]

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  • More Strippers To Look Forward To: Strippers vs Werewolves!

    WHAT?! Strippers vs Werewolves?! These people are fucking geniuses! Who doesn’t love hot girls covered in blood?  It’s sort of what slasher films are built on. Gore, boobs, more gore, some full frontal, and MORE GORE! Now, you are going to say to yourself, “Strippers vs Werewolves sounds pretty awesome. But I still need MORE! […]

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  • Everyone Loves a Dead Stripper

    It seems that this years NBAS’ers are getting a little antsy. But who could blame us?! We’re fucking ecstatic! As much as I want to say “Hey! If you are reading this there is no reason to not buy my book!” the Amazon page has not fully come into its own just yet. The cover […]

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