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‘I Wasn’t In Love With You, I Was Just Really Drunk: An Exorcism’

[$5 + shipping]



“CREEPS” a collection of stories from employment at an adult shop.
Two colors available. Originally appeared in Ladybox Vol. 2    

[$7 + shipping]




 “w o r d s g o h e r e : a mini zine”  three original, handwritten poems    

[$2 + shipping]


“w o r d s g o h e r e : headnoise” a mini zine of 6 original poems 

[$2 + shipping] 

Signed copy of Glue (Lazy Facist Press 11/2016) – “Glue is a meditation on grief and addiction, the loss of loved ones, and our incredible power to rebuild ourselves after everything falls apart. Heartbreaking, honest, and all-too-human, Glue is one of the most powerful books of the year.”

[$9 + shipping]