Book News: Glue 


I’m so excited to announce that my novella Glue will be out from Lazy Fascist Press this November!


“Glue is a novella about loss, family, and the things that hold us together. It’s a devastating little book, and I can’t wait for all of you to read it.”

– Editor/ Lazy Fascist head hancho Cameron Pierce



Interview: Ladies Month @ Dead End Follies 


July is Ladies Month at Dead End Follies and interviewer/reviewer Benoit Lelievre sat down for a chat with me about Ladybox Books, women in publishing, and whatever else I felt I needed to shout about. 

CLICK HERE to check it out! 

Interview with The How The Why 


I met a lot of people when I attended AWP to represent Ladybox Books and one of them invited me to be a guest on their podcast. 

Click HERE to listen to it and hear me talk about Ladybox Books, publishing, and my gross overuse of the word “um.” 

Ladybox Vol. 2 SOLD OUT 


That’s a wrap on Ladybox Vol. 2!

We want to thank everyone who loved and supported this project. The sets sold incredibly fast and we’re beyond grateful to everyone who picked one up, shared links, or even had a passing interest.

Extra special thanks to the contributors of Vol. 2 : Meliza Banales, Rios De La Luz, Tiffany Scandal, Jennifer Robin, Emily O’Neill and Isobel O’Hare. You each brought your own voice and vision to this set and made magic happen. It’s eclectic and gorgeous and wouldn’t have been possible without you.

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Ladybox Vol.2 


We had so much fun with our last box set, we thought we’d go for round two!

Available for sale April 21st,Volume 2 features our roster of Ladybox Books authors as well as a few of our current favorite literary voices. This set will feature:

Tiffany Scandal

Rios De La Luz

Meliza Bañales

Emily O’Neill

Jennifer Robin

Isobel O’Hare

Constance Ann Fitzgerald

This set is a limited edition and will move fast!

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Ruined Songs: Say It Ain’t So


I revisit the Blue Album
because I loved it so much

More than once I’ve loved a song dearly
before it gained any real meaning to me

“Your drug is a heart breaker/
My love is a life taker”

Lyrics I loved

Until I listened once
for the first time in years

“My love is a life taker”

I’ve slept with at least two men
who are now dead. I thought

And started the song over.