Everyone Loves a Dead Stripper

It seems that this years NBAS’ers are getting a little antsy. But who could blame us?! We’re fucking ecstatic!

As much as I want to say “Hey! If you are reading this there is no reason to not buy my book!” the Amazon page has not fully come into its own just yet. The cover art is gestating in the womb of amazon.com and will burst into this world any day now! The description is pretty great though. And darned flattering too!

So stay tuned for official updates! We’re officially launching at BizarroCon 2011 where we will be giving a reading of our fancy new novellas for the Bizarro crowd. (gulp)

In celebration/anticipation of the release of Trashland A Go-Go I’ve decided to discuss other dead strippers.
I noticed that while discussing the premise of Trashland A Go-Go, as soon as I said “It’s about a stripper who has a terrible accident on stage and dies…” people were on board. Before I could even mention the trashland.
People love the idea of dead strippers. I don’t know why any more than I imagine you do.
I think it probably stems from this line of thought:

But, you know…more twisted. Or maybe it’s just me.(itreallyisnt)
The 2008 film Zombie Strippers

I didn’t think it was going to be a very good movie. At all.
It turned out to be really fucking great.This, also coming from someone who DEARLY loved The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror.

I am a sucker for camp.
Zombie Strippers has pretty much everything you could ask for. Blood, guts, zombies, bare breasts, strippers, Robert Englund as the club owner, lap dances customers don’t return from, surprising political and social commentary and a ping pong ball trick you won’t soon forget.
Look for more dead,undead, and otherwise interesting stripper tales here, as well as all the latest news on my novella, the rest of the NBAS and anything else I feel like throwing at you.
And don’t forget to check out the podcast I co-host with the lovely Lex, Love and Sex with Lex! The latest installment entitled Lez-Fest isn’t just for the womenfolk! Hell, I was the only person on panel with no sexual interest in women, and I still had a blast.
Next episode’s topic? Manwhores.

Constance Ann

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