Three Words & A Lot of Excuses 

featuring/co-written by Garrett Cook 

I love you very much but I’m afraid we can’t do this
because you are full of bullet holes

I love you, but you’re on fire

I love you, but you’re radioactive

I love you, but I don’t love you

I love you, but I’m actually the girl in middle school
who you ran for class president against assuming
you would lose and she would be happy to be class president
but then you won and I was really angry

I love you, but we have fundamental differences in character.
Like how you don’t have any

I love you, but there’s a face underneath my face and that face is a void
that has voids upon voids behind it and when you stare into it
you will see all the unkindness of the Earth

I love you, but you harbor a darkness that makes the Devil himself
check his closet before he goes to bed at night

I love you, but you’re gay and you’ve always been gay just because I said it.

I love you, but my love is not the “straight camp” you are looking for

I love you, but my love is not the recovery center you require

I love you, but we’re on The Price is Right and we can’t do this here

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