Rant: The Woman/ Fifth Grade Psychopaths

I watched a film called The Woman last night. While the acting was kind of weak and the story had its flaws, it definitely freaked me the fuck out.

Sure, there were two gore scenes (TWO!) that made me wonder if I was going to vomit. A rarity for a gore-hound like myself. But really, it was the central idea of the movie. Some horrible, sadistic, wife-beating, daughter-raping LAWYER finds a feral woman in the woods and TRAINS her to be civilized by chaining her up in his woodshed, firing a gun off next to her head, starving and raping her. He beats his wife when she protests, sets rabid dogs on the teacher of his incestuously impregnated daughter when she comes to their home, and goes on a rant about how women are no fucking good at all.

All the while his son is watching. Learning not only to NOT value women as people, but to loathe them in that extra special serial killer kind of way, as is demonstrated when he thinks no one is home, goes into the wood shed and tears off the feral woman’s nipple with a pair of pliers. Which, of course, is condoned by his shit-bag father.
Yes, it was a horror film. It wasn’t the gore that was horrifying, it was this sick, sadistic man teaching his son his “values” and seeing him take to it like a fish in water.

And then today I come upon this article on Jezebel and I can’t help but wonder how much of this real life horror story is learned behavior?

The world gets sicker every day.

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