reblog: Vincent Castiglia

Bizarro Central

by Constance Ann Fitzgerald

I’ve been incredibly lazy. I’ve been on the couch or in bed watching tv shows and movies and not doing much else that could be deemed “productive” in any way. Since our stolen cable has officially been shut off, I depend on Netflix to entertain me during my laying about. Once I finished watching all the episodes of 30Rock for the seventieth time, it was suggested that I watch a show called Oddities from the Science Channel.
Oddities!? Yes, PLEASE!

I’ve seen all sorts of quack medical devices, mortician’s gear, various types of deformed taxidermy and still born things in jars, plasticized organs, straight jackets and circus sideshow performers. It’s pretty much the greatest thing I have ever seen.

But what REALLY got me was an artist named Vincent Castiglia. He stopped by Obscura to see if they would be interested in selling his paintings.

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