Grimbolina in Stripperland: A Justin Grimbol Adventure

While finishing up my morning correspondence (or…you know, fucking off on facebook) I received a message from my friend and NBAS author Justin Grimbol, who I have vowed to refer to as “Grimbolina” because it makes him sound like a fuzzy pixie, that said
“I had a wacky strip club adventure and I thought of your book.When I went to bed I was like, ‘Man, I hope I don’t wake up in a crazy trash world.’

If Grimbolina thought is was wacky, then I REALLY needed to know what happened.

“It was a fun night. I went with my buddies. Each one of us met a stripper that seemed designed for us. I met a metal head that helps set up horror conventions. My hippy friend met a stripper that wanted to be an organic farmer. My other buddy, met a a girl that loved hot pockets. I gave metal head chick a dollar when she was dancing and she started basically molesting me on stage, it was magical. My hippy friend started telling his hippy stripper about Maine and how beautiful it was and then she started to cry. That was strange.

I spent most of the night nerding out about horror movies with metal head girl. The experience was downright wholesome. The next morning we called our girlfriends.

Each had a different reaction. Hippy friend’s girl just thought it was cool. She seemed proud of my buddy. My girlfriend is used to me going to strip clubs. Ben’s girl was like ‘Fuck you! You better buy me so many presents!’
I also met this weird chubby couple that lived in the woods behind the strip club. They were nice. ”

It was brought to my attention that Mr. Grimbol has TONS of fantastic strip club stories:
“There was the time i spent $700 in strip clubs in Key West. The fat guy I saw cum in his pants in NY, the time my fiance and I got kicked out of strip club in Oregon; Heather got up on stage and dudes started throwing money at her. She got really sad when we got kicked out. I can’t believe I never told you any of these stories.”

But never fear! He will! And they will be shared with you! Check back here for more adventures with Grimbolina!
If you can’t wait until then, check out his blog Butt Shark University!

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