Anticipation, gratitude, excitement. YES.

There has been an awful lot going on. Mostly of the boring personal, and work related nature. I notice that when I stress about things that don’t really matter it really effects my creativity. I shut down and don’t write a damn thing.

Fortunately I think that I have reharnessed my pen and have begun scribbling like a mad woman.

And not a moment too soon! With BizarroCon 2010 just a week away!

Only a week!?

I’m crawling out of my skin waiting to get to Portland.

I have never been to Oregon. It will officially be the farthest that this little cactus has ever been from Arizona. I’m excited for the time off of work and out of town, but more than that I am just dying to learn. I look forward to soaking up as much as I possibly can on the trip. I can’t help but feel that it will be absolutely incredible. I have so much to learn from these people and am so fortunate that I am able to go to this event and participate in the workshops. I cannot wait to jump in and start picking brains!

I am so grateful for this. I barely have the words to express it. To all friends, family and even complete strangers that offered words of encouragement and put money in the donation box at work THANK YOU! It’s really means a lot to me.

My game plan is to blog about the event as well as my trip. Miss Brooke Morrison will be attending with me, so you know it’s going to be ridiculous fun-trouble.

We’ll be staying an extra day to explore Portland. I know so many people who have moved there, it would be great to see y’all!

If you have ever had the chance to read Chuck Palahniuck’s guide of Portland “Fugitives and Refugees” then you’ll have a good idea of where we will end up, as we are making that book a sort of personal guide. We are rabid Palahniuck fans so the “The Chucky P. Tour de PDX” is going to be pretty exciting too.

I cannot express my enthusiasm enough! It’s like unicorn-puppy-fireworks shooting out of a kindergartners eyeballs after Halloween candy binging while jumping on their parents bed.

…If you think I am not going to jump on the bed immediately after checking into the Edgefeild…you are sorely fucking mistaken. Order of business #1. Then liquor…


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