Tag: BizarroCon 2010

  • Anticipation, gratitude, excitement. YES.

    There has been an awful lot going on. Mostly of the boring personal, and work related nature. I notice that when I stress about things that don’t really matter it really effects my creativity. I shut down and don’t write a damn thing. Fortunately I think that I have reharnessed my pen and have begun […]

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  • Some words about things, on a Thursday.

    I would like to begin with what is happening all of 3 feet away from me:  A couple, an awkward one at that, arguing. The male-  gawky and gangly. The female- a terribly attractive, Americanized Asian girl. They can’t seem to agree on a thing. They stand in a corner, looking at hosiery and “couple’s […]

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  • The blue sparking beast that ate my words.

    Thursdays it is! I had some technical difficulties over the last week or so, which prevented me from keeping my word so far as posting on Tuesday. This actually ended up being a good thing, since I realized that I have two friends who post their own links the same days. (BRoadcast &  The Rock […]

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