ICYMI: Interview @ Volume 1 Brooklyn

"It was important to me to represent the people in this book as authentically as I could. They aren’t just characters, they are people that I love. So more than my revealing them through storytelling, they revealed themselves to me during a time of tragedy. And if I’m going to try to show other people... Continue Reading →

Two Years 

On the two year anniversary of my sobriety I take a long walk and set out on a day devoted to rewarding myself and celebrating this huge thing I did. At lunch I sit facing a window, eating Al Pastor and watching the rain fall. Behind me are two groups of women who take turns... Continue Reading →

Interview: CLASH Media Podcast

Had an astral daytime slumber party with Leza Cantoral for the CLASH Media podcast this weekend. We talked about my novella, GLUE, mermaid hair/beards, Portland strip club aesthetics, biker culture, my dad's role in said culture, zines, Ladybox Books and a lot of other stuff! We had a great time chatting and probably could have... Continue Reading →

Three Words & A Lot of Excuses 

featuring/co-written by Garrett Cook  I love you very much but I’m afraid we can’t do this because you are full of bullet holes I love you, but you’re on fire I love you, but you’re radioactive I love you, but I don’t love you I love you, but I’m actually the girl in middle school... Continue Reading →

Podcast and Pre-order 

I chatted with J David Osborne of Broken River Books on The JDO Show recently. We talked about a lot of things, but mostly how I used to be a drunk and how much I love drag queens. Listen HERE 💟 My new novella GLUE drops in a few days. Official release November 15th from... Continue Reading →

Book News: Glue 

I'm so excited to announce that my novella Glue will be out from Lazy Fascist Press this November!   "Glue is a novella about loss, family, and the things that hold us together. It's a devastating little book, and I can't wait for all of you to read it." - Editor/ Lazy Fascist head hancho... Continue Reading →

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