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  • New story: ‘Mugshot’

    New story: ‘Mugshot’

    I’ve got a new short piece up at EntropyMag.org called ‘Mugshot.’ I still try to make words, even though I’m tired all the time. Things are happening. I’ve got a couple things coming together, but while we’re waiting for that to simmer check out the new story I put out by clicking here

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  • Are You Still Writing?

    Are You Still Writing?

    This has come up a lot lately, especially at AWP, and the answer is: Yes. of course. Am I actively publishing/being published? Not as much, no. But I’m building things back up. This past year has been wild. The last couple. All 33 of them, really. I was a server for 15 years. I couldn’t […]

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  • New Zine: nothing there

    New Zine: nothing there

    I’ve compiled a new zine with fifteen pages of poetry, prose, and some weird dreams I had in order to 1.) put some words out into the world for the first time in a long while and 2.) going through school and not working left my wallet a little light. Like, zero gravity light. It’s […]

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  • Round up: interview, new story, live reading

    Round up: interview, new story, live reading

    Maybe some day I’ll actually post more than just “here’s some things you missed if you don’t follow me on Facebook” but for now, here’s some stuff you may have missed if you don’t follow me on Facebook. I had a great conversation with Brian Alan Ellis which has since been posted at Clash Media […]

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  • ICYMI: interviews, essays, and reviews 

    ICYMI: interviews, essays, and reviews 

    Recent interweb appearances: I’ve got an essay up at CLASH about alcohol, bees, and anxiety called “This Super Cool Thing Where Everything Gives Me Anxiety”   Also up at CLASH is an installment of an interview series from Gabino Iglesias called Skin Stories where Gabino talks to writers about their tattoos. Here’s mine 🖤   […]

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