reblog: Interview with Spike Marlowe

Spike Marlowe’s interview with yours truly

Spike Marlowe

Constance Ann Fitzgerald is a smart lady who wields a mean pen. Her first book, Trashland A Go-Go, is beloved by readers, reviewers and me.

An outtake from this interview was posted at Bizarro Central yesterday.

Coco, the heroine of Trashland a Go-Go has a pseudo sidekick in Rudy the fly. Would you tell us about your awesome sidekick, real or imagined?

I don’t think I have a sidekick. If I could design one it would probably be a lot like Brian from Family Guy– Snuggly, dog-like, sarcastic, intelligent with a taste for booze. But he/she should probably look like that dog Boo. I’m kind of in love with his fuzzy face.

But I’d settle for a robot. Or Data from Star Trek: TNG.

What is Rudy’s favorite pornographic magazine and why?

He has two: Asian Babes & Perfect 10 – because everyone loves a hot Asian…

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