Favorite Things: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

What’s not to love?!
The Yeah Yeahs Yeahs have been rocking my fucking face off in variant degrees of awesomeness for years now. And I can never get enough.

Today while listening to them at work, I was moved to make mention of them as one of my “Favorite Things” that I said I would start posting here.

They seem to be hard to put a label on since they take their music in so many directions.
Example: Two of my all time favorites that sound completely different, yet somehow cohesive enough to be made by the same 3 people.

“Art rock” , “Indie rock”, “Indie punk” , “art punk”.  Whatever the hell  you want to call it, it’s amazing and fully worthy of pumping up the volume.

And it’s neigh impossible to talk about them without talking about style. Specifically, front woman Karen O who dresses like a crazed spaceman….and pulls it off?

She’s rocked an asymetrical mullet, and the bowl cut of your average 3rd grade boy and still looks amazing.


They have continuously put out music that makes me dance, swoon and rock the fuck out for the last ten years. Well done, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I love you. Hard.

Also, they make me REALLY wish I owned a theremin.

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