inspiration and books and gifts, oh my!

I read books. Great books.

I watch movies. And sometimes they are terrible, but sometimes I love them.

I have friends. Amazingly witty friends.

I have anger. Which needs to go somewhere.

I get lost in the tide of my own (sometimes intoxicated) mind. My natural tendency to day dream.


And so you, Dearest Darling Reader, are wondering : “What the hell is she getting at?”

Well, if you’d stop being some terribly rude, I would tell you.

The last few days I have been thinking a lot about the various places in which inspiration is hiding. It isn’t hiding from us so much as it is just waiting to be found. Granted, sometimes it does an awfully good job of staying hidden, but it really wants to be found.

The sights we take in, the scent of the air we breathe, the people we surround ourselves with, the strangers we observe in passing, the films, music, and literature we choose, are all  creative magic in the making.

This pleases me.


So, if someday you  find yourself reading something I have written, and you find that something reeks of you, it probably is. It’s an act of love. Or hate. They’re really the same thing anyways.




The holidays are most definitely upon us. Which really means the Northern California is going to be grey, wet, and cold, so I will be holing up working on the various projects I have assigned to myself. So much writing to be done! Busy hands, my friend. Busy hands.

In case you were wondering to yourself “What is Constance purchasing her loved ones for Christmas?” the answer is : Not a god damn thing.

Not because I am an asshole, but because I find myself with very empty pockets. I plan to draw little pictures, potentially with little stories attached to them. I could tell  you more about it, but then it would ruin the surprise if you happen to be one of the people I plan to doodle for.

But YOU, you could get many great gifts for people you love and adore, because you probably have more money than myself. Most people do.

For instance, a fantastic Bizarro book. Nothing says Christmas like a little Bizarro in your stocking. It beats the hell out of a lump of coal, that’s for damn sure.

But which books, Constance?

Oh, well to begin with:

Kevin L Donihe – Night of the Assholes (I just finished it myself. You will NOT regret purchasing, reading, and enjoying this book. Hilarious and wonderfully well written. If you don’t like it….you’re probably an asshole.)

Kirsten Alene – Love in the Time of Dinosaurs (I think the contest is still going on? But if you purchase this book, not only do you get to read it, you could potentially win a REAL dinosaur tattoo. How fucking cool is that?)

Kevin Shamel – Rotten Little Animals (Never look at your pets the same. And be prepared for your parents to tell you that you aren’t allowed to play at Kevin’s house anymore. Mine did. [ but you should anyways])

Bradley Sands – It Came From Below the Belt (It’s going out of print. So you had better buy it while you still can!)

The Bizarro Starter Kit- Purple Edition (The newest starter kit, LOADED with killer stories. My favorite of which was “Clockwork Girl” by Athena Villaverde. Beautiful story. )

Jeremy Robert Johnson – Angel Dust Apocalypse (One of my all time favorite books EVER. I have read it at LEAST 10 times, and will certainly read it 10 more.)


And really this list could go on all day, but at some point I have to go back to work. Check out and for more books!


And if you would like to give the gift of some style check out Doe Eyed and Pigeon Toed and pick up some of Erin O’s one of a kind jewelry and purses.


Yeah, Holiday plugs.


But you know you want to buy all of it. Buy a purse, and then fill it with Bizarro Books. Because I sure as hell would.


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