craft post: pin mat

For years now have been wearing jean jackets over everything like a style-security blanket. Pulls the look together, hides my untoned arms, and sometimes adds pockets to an outfit where there previously were none.

I also have as small pin/button collection that is only about to get worse bc i ordered a button maker and things are going to get out of hand very quickly. Can’t wait!

Typically, I assigned a handful of my favorite pins to my jacket and they stay there until they fall off and/or get replaced. I cannot, and will not, be one of those people with pins covering every square inch of my jacket. It’s not my aesthetic in the least, a little too chaotic, and as i get older i feel like simplicity works best for me. You do you, though.

I bought a hella cool quartet of pins with images from the movie Midsommar (a personal favorite film and director) it isn’t fair to wear only one.
What if, instead of making the pins a permanent fixture on each jacket (there were three) I pick a unique combination of buttons for the day, for the outfit, for my mood?

That could be cool. But where would they all go? And what do i do with the bottom parts of these pants i cut into little teal shorts? and what should i do with my hands?!

make a lil mat. hang it on the wall. pin favorite buttons to it. select buttons as i feel moved to do so

I’m also very proud of myself bc my cataracts and I only had to ask my boyfriend to thread the needle for me twice. Somehow managed to do it blind and with overgrown acrylic nails all the other times. Of which there were many!

I hate threading needles bc I’m blind, so I always make the thread super long. Then it just twists and turns into teeny little knots that break the string as they pass through the fabric. It doesn’t stop me. I will still use a string a mile long in hopes that I can keep it untangled enough to move on to the next section. I rarely do.

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