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Some words about things, on a Thursday.


I would like to begin with what is happening all of 3 feet away from me:  A couple, an awkward one at that, arguing.

The male-  gawky and gangly. The female- a terribly attractive, Americanized Asian girl.

They can’t seem to agree on a thing.

They stand in a corner, looking at hosiery and “couple’s boardgames” until she walks briskly away. Confused, he follows her like a puppy until she reaches for a corset and suddenly raises her voice:  “Thanks for callng me fat!”

He whispers a disagreement that I cannot hear. He obviously doesn’t think he has said what she seems to have heard.

“In so many words, yeah. You did.”

In so many words.

Sometimes it’s the spaces between words that tell us more.

So, maybe my not writing what I ought to be, says more than my writing?


In fact, it has been brought to my attention that I have let time slip by a bit rapidly with out working on much of anything at all. For shame.

I have about half of the problem with my lap top fixed, so I am actually planning to go home this evening and work on compiling and completing my would-be novella.

I have one final story to write, and then on to word count and submission!

I am also still accepting donations to fun my trip to Portland, OR in November to attend BizarroCon 2010.

But wouldn’t it be nice to get something in return for your kindness?

Yes, yes it would.

What if you were to receive a handy little chapbook/zine filled with some of my “Creeps” short stories, a few doodles, and more words?

Would you all be interested in that?

I’ll bet you would!

So… I’ll be working on making that little bit of magic happen for y’all.

From a place of love, I’ll create things  just for you!

BizarroCon is going to be absolutely amazing!

Is it November yet?!!?

The blue sparking beast that ate my words.


Thursdays it is!

I had some technical difficulties over the last week or so, which prevented me from keeping my word so far as posting on Tuesday. This actually ended up being a good thing, since I realized that I have two friends who post their own links the same days. (BRoadcastThe Rock N Roll Palace of Love)

So far as my “technical difficulties”?

Well, during the re-fab of the store all the cables, wires, etc. were unplugged, to sort through the tangled mess under the register stand. In the process we lost the interweb! Obviously this has been remedied thanks to my friend Jezra.

And yesterday I managed to ever so gracefully trip over the power-cord to my ancient laptop. This caused it to turn off and shoot blue sparks from the adapter plug.


Especially since I had just gathered the balls to e-mail the editor of the New Bizarro Author Series for more information on how to have my work considered.

Just dandy.

Everything I have been working on, with the exception of the twisted “game show” piece , is in my laptop and is being held hostage by blue sparks.  Fortunately I can at least continue to work on that piece the good ol’ fashioned pen-to-paper way.  Which is how I often begin most of my pieces anyway. I really enjoy rambling on in my nonsensical manner (Me?…No. Never!) and then transferring it to my computerized word program. It’s a great way to purge all of my ideas and then weed out the useless, or add to parts I may have left a little malnourished.

So, hopefully we’ll get my little laptop going again soon, as I have a lot of work to do before BizarroCon in November.

Which brings me to shamelessly begging for your hard-earned dollars and pocket change: It is imperative that I get to Portland for this amazing event.  I am offering any of the following in return for donations to my travel fund:

  • Hugs
  • High fives
  • Cookies
  • Gratitude
  • The pleasure of knowing that you are helping me do something that really means a lot to me.

I think we’ve covered a lot of ground today.

Class dismissed.