Dunes Day!

I like to fixate on things. Specifically music. I connect to an artist and then can't get enough. The L.S. Dunes album dropped today, so that's where i'll be https://open.spotify.com/album/40py8Fn35TC6GnszSKccjZ?si=A5ZPsZDnT366kZWKAQYLGw Everything abt this interview is beautiful. I think there is a lot to be said for coming together with the right people at the right... Continue Reading →


It doesn't feel right to not acknowledge, to write something. Didn't you write a whole book about your grief? Yes, I did. But it will never be enough. I'll never write enough words to purge the amount of grief that lives inside me. It's regenerative. Every year I try to think of some way, some... Continue Reading →

craft post: pin mat

For years now have been wearing jean jackets over everything like a style-security blanket. Pulls the look together, hides my untoned arms, and sometimes adds pockets to an outfit where there previously were none. I also have as small pin/button collection that is only about to get worse bc i ordered a button maker and... Continue Reading →

New story: ‘Mugshot’

I've got a new short piece up at EntropyMag.org called 'Mugshot.' I still try to make words, even though I'm tired all the time. Things are happening. I've got a couple things coming together, but while we're waiting for that to simmer check out the new story I put out by clicking here

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