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  • Interview: CLASH Media Podcast

    Interview: CLASH Media Podcast

    Had an astral daytime slumber party with Leza Cantoral for the CLASH Media podcast this weekend. We talked about my novella, GLUE, mermaid hair/beards, Portland strip club aesthetics, biker culture, my dad’s role in said culture, zines, Ladybox Books and a lot of other stuff! We had a great time chatting and probably could have […]

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  • Three Words & A Lot of Excuses 

    Three Words & A Lot of Excuses 

    featuring/co-written by Garrett Cook  I love you very much but I’m afraid we can’t do this because you are full of bullet holes I love you, but you’re on fire I love you, but you’re radioactive I love you, but I don’t love you I love you, but I’m actually the girl in middle school […]

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  • Reviews, lists & upcoming projects

    Reviews, lists & upcoming projects

    I woke up with a brutal migraine and this song in my head. I’m not sure if they are directly related.   Reviews and book photos (Glue Pix!) have been trickling in and they make my black heart swell. On top of the official reviews, some of my favorite feedback has come in the form […]

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  • Podcast and Pre-order 

    Podcast and Pre-order 

    I chatted with J David Osborne of Broken River Books on The JDO Show recently. We talked about a lot of things, but mostly how I used to be a drunk and how much I love drag queens. Listen HERE 💟 My new novella GLUE drops in a few days. Official release November 15th from […]

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  • Sneak Peek: “Glue” Excerpt

    Sneak Peek: “Glue” Excerpt

    Due out from Lazy Fascist Press 11/15/2016 Check out this excerpt at Vol. Brooklyn in the meantime.

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