Obituary: Raymond ‘Still Ray’ Fitzgerald | The Daily Courier | Prescott, AZ Obituary: Raymond ‘Still Ray’ Fitzgerald | The Daily Courier | Prescott, AZ

jenna’s side dot com

Jenna Maroney answers the phone by saying, "This is Jenna, what are you wearing?" and while we all get that Jenna is a very horney character, the question is actually deeper. It could be. Whare you wearing?What are you ready for? How much did it cost? Whose name is sewn into your collar and where... Continue Reading →

the sound of twenty

Sometimes I sit in my small apartment and I hate on the young girl upstairs at the other end of the building. She’s loud, on her phone constantly, shouting into it in front of my windows. She stomps up and down the stairs, because she is thin and petite and doesn't try to lighten her... Continue Reading →

a curiosity: Mary Toft

Recently I came across, and became obsessed with, the podcast The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week from Popular Science. I listen to it all day while I am working my desk job and absorb fun little facts that I can use later to pretend I still know how to interact with humans. I heard... Continue Reading →


It doesn't feel right to not acknowledge, to write something. Didn't you write a whole book about your grief? Yes, I did. But it will never be enough. I'll never write enough words to purge the amount of grief that lives inside me. It's regenerative. Every year I try to think of some way, some... Continue Reading →

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